Friday, 6 January 2012

You're obviously injured, why oh why would you run?

Everyone who puts a bit of effort into their running will stretch, strain, pull, bang, chafe something at some time. But, what do you do, push on or rest?

I've no specific race in mind (although the Ridgeway Challenge in August this year is looking like it may get a look at) but I've just started a 24 week 50 miler plan, just to give my training a bit of direction. Of course, these plans are meant to get you to give the most benefit, but chances are it'll be too much and you'll over train, and end up injured.

My left calf is giving me some grief at the moment, with what I can only describe as a shin splint feeling, but deep within my calf, so deep that I can't really tell where the pain is. I've run about 25 miles with it, but I'm am at that point of "Strap it and run (it'll probably get worse) or strap it and rest?" It's a ridiculous question, especially when I have no specific goal that I'm training for. So I'll take 4 days off and get down with my Grid then start back into the plan next week.

Unless I get up tomorrow morning and it feels fine, in which case, there's 14 miles to do.

But there's always that nagging question... "If I'd carried on, would it have ended up worse?"

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  1. Recently, when doing an 8.5 miler race, I strained my groin at ~6 miles... It honestly felt like my leg was becoming detached as i crossed the line.. Not felt weakness like that before.. I should have canned it when i hurt myself... :/