Monday, 9 January 2012

Frustrated by New Balance in the UK

Whilst I sit with my leg in full RICE mode it gives me time to do a bit of running admin ie looking at maps for new routes, checking out gear 'n' the like.

I've been looking at trying to get hold of some New Balance Minimus Trails that iRunFar have reviewed and Anton Krupicka has advertised on YouTube. I like the whole minimalist ideal, and get out and about in my VFFs occasionally as part of my routine. So it seemed sensible to have a look at someone else's shoes.

At least, I would if I could. I might be a bit of a traditionalist but I like to actually get my hands on a shoe before I buy it, and trying them on is essential. Unfortunately there aren't many NB shops in the UK, typically a running shop will shop will stock many different brands, and a few of the NB range, but certainly not the whole NB range. There's nothing useful on the New Balance website, nothing that points to which shop stocks what model of shoe, so is it really this hit and miss for getting hold of their kit? Where is the New Balance UK store?

I jumped onto Facebook, and asked on the New Balance UK page, but alas, no replies; and it would seem I'm not the only one asking the question.

At which point I start looking at other companies, such as Salomon and Inov8.

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