Sunday, 27 May 2012

250 miles later...

Since I bought the Breatho Trail shoes back in February, apart from one run, they're the only shoes I've been on the trail in. I've done some VFF work and a little barefoot but the Vivobarefoot shoes have been the shoe of choice.

All of my running routes from home take in about 1 mile of "unsurfaced road" which is essentially compacted pebbles/stones which have been rollered into the ground. About 2 weeks ago I took a decent impact on the ball of my left foot, probably somewhere between the second and third metatarsal, but I've continued to run... down that same track which hasn't allowed the bruise to heal. But why now? I've been running that track for almost 3 months.

 I've been pondering how long it will take for the sole on a minimalist shoe to compress, and whether it will matter in the same way that concern is shown with traditional running shoes. Well the insole has compressed a little, but I can't really determine if the sole has compressed, but what has happened is shown below:

The lugs have worn down really badly. In the 250 miles I've done in these shoes maybe 20 have been on the road, the rest has been on trails.

Whilst the wear pattern implies that I'm landing on the outside of my foot I wouldn't expect (and have never experienced) such wear after so few miles. I know that this is a new shoe from Vivobarefoot, maybe the sole is too soft, we'll see what they have to say.