Thursday, 12 January 2012

Compression kit and shin splints

These last couple of years, for some reason, I've become prone to shin splints and the only way that I've been able to recover is by resting. Sometimes it takes two weeks because I often try and push through the injury; "run it off".

I've been using Skins tights for a couple of years, hoping to preserve my legs as I push on past 4 hours on the trail, which they certainly do once you're used to their tightness. I also have the recovery version which are also pretty awesome, and sleeping in them really does help.

I've never run in compression socks, but I have them for wearing after the run; they just look a bit odd to be seen running in, even if Paula carries it off, she has the talent to be seen in them.
But I've had it with the shin splint I have in my left leg right now.. I've rested for days, hydrated well, RICEd but it's taking forever to go away. Then I remembered that Salomon make a compression sleeve for the calf (another reason that buying Unbreakable was worth it).

Right now, the Salomon Exo IV Calf is available, but I picked up a pair of IIIs from ebay and headed out for 7 miles of trails today and the only thing I can say is WOW!

You can read about how they're supposed to work (or how some think they don't work) all over the web but all I'll say is that they enabled me to run, pretty much pain free for an hour. So, placebo or not, they absolutely work for me and are now firmly in my kit pile for treating/training with tired legs.


  1. Interesting...when I had shin splints I briefly swapped over to some very cushioned shoes and that did the trick quite quickly. I only dig out the compression socks for long races to stave off calf cramp!

    1. I've never been able to recover from shin splints whilst running, and I've tried different shoes too, although I'm a forefoot striker and there's not normally that much more cushioning up front.

      The day after, I'm stunned by the fact that I have no shin pain. I can't believe that this is just down to running in these compression sleeves. Resting, hydrating well etc must have also contributed.

      I suspect it would be quite easy to wear them all the time, but that's not the plan. "Harder the better" 'n' all that.