Monday, 1 August 2011

Fueling for fatties

Damn it's hard.

I'm currently 213lbs dripping wet, and I've been around that weight for a long time. It doesn't stop me running fast or long, but it does prevent me from running fast and long.

Now most people realise that stopping eating is a bad thing to do because your body just switches into starvation mode. So, just up the phys rate and you'll burn it off; but you need to do a stack of exercise to burn off the excess and so try and combine the two. This ends up with either not enough fuel, giving poor performance along with dizzyness etc which is a pretty stupid place to be especially as the quality of exercise is poor.

The solution.. eat more food.. and don't lose any weight!

It really is a fine balance, and I keep swinging either side of the line, which can be pretty frustrating.

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