Monday, 18 October 2010

Which camera should I run with?

My crappy old Canon has had it, and my HTC Desire isn't exactly ideal, mainly because it's a phone with an afterthought camera built in.

I'm after something small and light that I can put in my waist pack, and it needs to have decent optics, that are suitable for landscapes. Of course, these days cameras can take video as well, but that's not really on my list of needs.

So, what do you use, and what would you recommend?


  1. Canon Powershot G series are exceptionally good. Current model is G12 so G11 should be cheap(er). If it is too big or expensive then look at Panasonic, I also have Panasonic DMC-ZS3 which is much smaller and I am please with the results it produces. G11 & G12 shoot RAW but this may not matter to you.

  2. I have a Panasonic Lumix DMC FS15 a bit dated but robust enough...eBay?