Saturday, 16 October 2010

The frustration of rest

After 5 months of no running... actually no phys at all due to an ulcerative colitis flare, I'm back to it again, at last.

But things are not good. I'm frustrated... but I know it's a ridiculous place to be in. When the flare stopped me running, my Saturday morning run was 25 miles, life was good and I was really starting to run long. And so after the massive break I want to back out there doing those 25 milers.

HAH! not going to happen, not for some time. I'm forcing myself not to run, because I'm desperate to just get out there and smash out the miles, which would end up in injury without doubt. I probably need to get a marathon training plan together to give me some direction, although my goal right now is to run my cross country commute as soon as I can. Hopefully I'll end up doing that 11 miler 3 times a week once my body is ready for the effort.

I'm really looking forward to those cold, windy evening trail runs out on Salisbury Plain, they're the best.

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